This is a sort of travelogue, experiences and observations combined with random contemplations,
of a trip through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in Jan-March 2011. This blog is now closed.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

the idea

I have done this before, blogging, and I have enjoyed it, so let's try again to contribute regularly to the vast amount of text on the internet. This time the subject is going to be a ten week trip through Indochina, from mid January to end March 2011. Just the two of us - my wife and I -, and the first time in, well, over ten years, that we are getting away for a while again. See if we still have the same drive, the same passion for traveling, and above all, the same stamina to rough it, occasionally! We have booked our flight tickets, nothing else, and for the rest we travel independently, will arrange everything on the spot.

The idea is to regularly write something about our trip, write about new experiences, about the people and places, about local customs, about surprises we will no doubt encouter; a travelog, really, but hopefully a little more than "Oh, what is it beautiful here!", "Oh, how interesting!" and "Woh, they eat strange things!". Post the occasional photo, to give you a sense of what it is like; try to make this interesting to those who are not actually traveling with us; try to link to observations relevant to a wider world. After all, Indochina enjoys an ancient culture, several of them in fact, and has had its share of history.

Watch this space if you are interested, and as always, no obligation, you have the freedom to surf away or log off, no offense taken.

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